Suspects behind bars in Anne Arundel County

GLEN BURNIE, Md. - They pick up fares, drive them wherever they want and sometimes they get robbed.

"One time they robbed me all the way in Baltimore," said Joseph Koroma, a longtime driver in Anne Arundel County.
In the wee hours of the morning Wednesday, it happened after a driver stopped for a couple near the Glen Ridge Apartments in Glen Burnie.
The male passenger seated behind him robbed him as someone driving a getaway car pulled in front of the cab blocking its path.
It worked so well that night, the robbers tried it again early Thursday at Evelyn Avenue and Hammonds Ferry North in Linthicum, but this time there were more robbers, more weapons and more threats.
"A knife was put up to their neck area and a gun held to their heads so, absolutely, there were threats certainly implied," said Lt. T.J. Smith of the Anne Arundel County Police Department.
Police say thanks to the first victim's description of the suspects' car, they spotted them after the second robbery in as many nights and made the arrest.
Jerome Weber of Pasadena, Justin Russell of Chester and Michael Raub, Nicole Gorman and Brittni Nobile of Glen Burnie now face a series of charges including armed robbery, assault and theft.
If the alleged robbers thought cab drivers would be vulnerable targets producing some easy money, they may have forgotten the stiff penalties for getting caught.
"I wouldn't believe robbing a cab driver is a lucrative take for a robber," said Lt. Smith, "I can't get into the exact amount of money that was taken, but regardless we were able to catch the people, which is great and their charged with robbery whether it was a dollar or whether it was a thousand dollars."
Inside the suspects' car, police discovered a knife and a bb pistol that could have passed for a real handgun.
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