Stolen property used to taunt Anne Arundel County family

GLEN BURNIE, Md. - The story centers around technology, used against the good guy who fires back to catch the bad guy.  Rick Hall's Glen Burnie home was broken into last Thursday; his wife found the mess.

"When she came home and opened the door, she saw DVD's strewn everywhere, the TV missing in the living room, all the cabinets missing in the dining room," said Hall. 

Hall's 11-year-old daughter had one of her iPod's stolen.  Turns out that may help solve the case.  On Saturday, a FaceTime message came in from, of all people, someone who ended up with the stolen property. 
"He's standing there with his pants unzipped, and he's making obscene gestures, and he's talking about what he's going to do to my 11-year-old daughter and laughing," said Hall. 

But it was Hall who wanted the last laugh, so he made screen grabs of the video conversation and posted them to Facebook.  Over 500 shares on one post; over 1300 on another.  Meantime, an Anne Arundel County police detective came back to his house.  They started another FaceTime message, and they got a response. 

"He's holding a camera out like this in uniform and he says 'hey boys what are you doing here?'  And you hear an expletive and they hang up," said Hall. 

All those shares have helped police identify persons of interest, and he was told he might get back some of his property. 

"They got a 55" TV, a 32" TV, three working laptops and then an old laptop, and one that was broken that I was waiting to get pictures off of," said Hall. 

Some memories may be erased for good, but it's tough for the family to forget the day a thief made an unwanted visit. 

"It's been really hard.  Last night was the first night my kids slept in their own bed.  They've been up in my room the last week," said Hall. 

Anne Arundel County police are still investigating.  So far, no one has been charged. 

Hall thinks a person of interest may have visited his older son at the home before he broke in.  The family says their biggest lesson is to get an alarm in case another bold thief makes a big break.