Rope used as deadly weapon in Severn assault

SEVERN, Md. -  

A family argument ended with a young man trying to strangle his uncle with a rope early Saturday morning, police said. 
Jason Michael Everett, 24, of Severn was arrested and charged with several offenses including attempted murder, assault and use of a deadly weapon. 
Around 7:30 Saturday morning police were called to the 7900 block of Citadel Drive in Severn for a report of a man choking his 51-year-old uncle with a rope. 
When officers arrived they found the men in the front yard and had to remove the rope from the older man's neck to allow him to breathe. 
The victim was taken to Baltimore Washington Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. 
Everett is being held without bond in Anne Arundel County.
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