Robbers used a stun gun on Pasadena man leaving his house with his son

PASADENA, Md. - Standing next to his son, a father walked out of his home to find a gun pointed in his face.

Two men approached them and demanded car keys.

When the father tried to push his way through the robbers, one of them used a stun gun knocking him to the ground.

He eventually regained his composure, grabbed his son and ran.

"I saw police and helicopters everywhere."
When the police came they thought the robbers could still be in the house.
The police surrounded the house and searched inside. 
"When some parents saw all the police here, the first thing they thought of was their children."  
"My kids were out playing."
"I didn't know what was going on."
"I ran outside and started looking for my kids to make sure they were ok." 
"That's pretty harsh."
That's what Shawn Reed, who lives near by, thought of the robbers using a stun gun.
"They must have wanted something real bad." 
Anne Arundel County Police used a helicopter and dogs, but couldn't find anything.
It is illegal to possess or use a stun gun in Anne Arundel County.
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