Reward offered in case of abused pit bull

BROOKLYN PARK, Md. - For the second time in just over a month a severely injured pit bull has been found in Anne Arundel County.

Last week a dog that's been named "Princess" was found wandering along Richie Highway near 11 th Avenue, in Brooklyn Park.  A bystander saw the dog and brought her to the county's Animal Control shelter.

"She had severe injuries including a gaping wound on her chest," said Animal Control Administrator Robin Small.

The largest wound required surgery earlier this week.  "She has a lot of sutures and she's wrapped up and bandaged at this point and she's recovering well," Small said.

Last month, another dog that's been named "Rocky Road" was found in the Gambrills area.  Veterinarians say his injuries are consistent with those suffered by dogs used as bait.

"We are currently investigating how these dogs came to be in the situation that they're in now; how this is happening," Small said.

In Brooklyn Park, people we spoke with say they've seen evidence of dog fighting in their neighborhoods.  "People around here, they don't care. It's a sport to them," said Jackie Michael, who has lived in the neighborhood just South of the Baltimore City line for five years.

"A lot of people do it inside. The biggest thing is neighbors reporting -- when you know that your neighbor is fighting dogs, then you need to call the police on them," Michael said.

Orlando Coates breeds pit bulls.  He says his puppies only go to friends who he knows will keep them out of dog fighting, or the SPCA.

"I think it's inhumane when you see a dog all chewed up that's gotten attacked by another dog. People shouldn't fight dogs because it's cruelty to animals," Coates said.

As for the people who do run dog fights: "You really don't make any money," Coates said.  "It's just like a mono-I-mono thing, you know, man versus man but they'd rather use a dog because I guess they're scared to fight each other."

Animal control officers are still looking for those responsible for what happened to both of those dogs.  The Humane Society of the United States has established a $2,500 reward for anyone who can identify the person or persons responsible.

If you have information please call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP.

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