Protestors demand justice for Kendall Green saying a judge got the case wrong

Man charged in his death was acquitted

Protestors demand justice for shooting - More than 100 people turned out Thursday night in Annapolis for a rally and march.  The group gathered to protest and bring attention to a court case dismissed last month. Protesters said the judge got it wrong.

"What they took from us was a chance to have any type of justice for my son," said Felicia Carroll.

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Her son is 25-year-old Kendall Green.  He was shot and killed last September by Air Force Sgt. Matthew Pinkerton during a confrontation at Pinkerton’s Glen Burnie home.  It's not clear what exactly happened that night.  Pinkerton was charged with second-degree murder, but halfway through the trial a judge acquitted the 35-year-old.

"He taunted my son, he called him the N-word until he made him move and then basically as soon as he took a step he shot him twice," Carroll said.

During the trial the jury wasn't allowed to know that a racial slur may have been used during the shooting.  Demonstrators feel Green's death was a hate crime.  However, Pinkerton's lawyer sees the case differently.  He says there is no evidence that suggests what happened was racially motivated.

"It was Kendall Green who was in an intoxicated aggressive manner and broke into Sergeant Pinkerton's home,” said Peter O’Neill.  “Sergeant Pinkerton had no other choice but to protect his family."

Green’s family, along with NAACP, wants the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the shooting as a hate crime and try the case in federal court.  O'Neill tells us he's confident justice has already been served.

"There is absolutely no evidence to support the fact that it was a hate crime," he said.