Police trying to find man who shot Walmart employee in their Laurel store's parking lot

LAUREL, Md. - A masked man walked into a 24-hour Walmart in Laurel after 4 a.m. this morning.

When it was over, a 28-year-old Walmart worker was found shot in the parking lot.

"The suspect entered the store and demanded money."

The robbery left the store with cash, but he wasn't done.

"The suspect walked or forced the employee outside and shot him for some unknown reason."

"That's sad.  It's terrible."

Nine minutes later and just a few blocks away on Hammerstone Road, police found a car burning.
Investigators think whoever drove this car is the robber.
Some people who shop here all the time have trouble believing this would happen here.
"It's a family store."
"You see a lot of families here."
"You wouldn't think something like that would happen, but it's getting crazy everywhere."
"The employee was taken to the hospital.
He's expected to survive.
Anyone with any information is asked to call Anne Arundel County Police at 410-222-3432.
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