Police say a stray bullet shot kayaker in Anne Arundel County

He launched his kayak on Main Creek and set out for the perfect vantage point to watch a star-filled night, but 57-year old David Seafolk-Kopp would get far more than he bargained for.
"He had been out paddling and at 4:30 Saturday, he was up Mathias Cove seen by a neighbor and talked to a neighbor who was out boating then," said Geoff Burke who owns waterfront property along the creek.
Police now believe about six hours later, someone shot the kayaker in the abdomen and may not have even known it.
They are dispelling rumors that the kayaker may have turned a gun on himself.
"I know that there were some reports out there that it was a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound.  We don't think that's the case,” said Maryland Natural Resources Police Sgt. Brian Albert, “We think this is an isolated incident that is possibly a stray bullet.  We don't know.  We did have some reports to Anne Arundel County police that there were some fireworks in the area."
Police are using specially-trained canines to search the wooded banks of the creek for bullet casings, guns or campfires that may help lead them to a shooter, but they're also dismissing reports that the victim may have been targeted with a sophisticated weapon.
"Also there were some reports out that the victim saw a laser on his self.  That was not the case,” said Albert, “He reported seeing a red kind of reflection off to the left of his kayak, and that would be indicative to an aim-point type device.  It's a red dot we call in in the law enforcement world that you would see a reflection from that.  So he did not have a laser on him."
The injured victim floated overnight, paddling lightly until he reached the point where he had launched his kayak and someone discovered him and called for help twelve hours after he was shot.
Fortunately, the bullet struck the victim between the ribs missing his vital organs.
He was treated and released from Shock Trauma on the same day he was found wounded.
He is back at his home in Reston, Virginia now and is staying in contact with police by telephone.