Police arrest three men in Millersville shooting


Anne Arundel County Police are investigating a shooting in Millersville Friday evening.

Police say they received calls about a person, in the Old Mill Road and Veterans Highway area, shooting at a man who was running towards a fast food restaurant.

When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed a car that they were given a lookout for.

The officer stopped the car, but the driver pulled off as the police officer got out of the cruiser.

After a police chase through the area, the driver stopped the car and began running with two passengers.

All three suspects were caught moments later by police.

Police found a hand gun in a wooded area near Green Leaf Terrace.  Officers believe the gun was used in the initial shooting.

The three men arrested and charged in this incident are 23-year-old Dwight Herbert Howard, 22-year-old Jonathan Dean Hunter, and 29-year-old David Casey Howard.

Howard and Hunter are both charged with handgun-related offenses.

The people who were being shot at have not come forward, and police are still investigating a motive for the shooting.

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