Police arrest car break-in suspect again

GAMBRILLS, Md. - In Gambrills off Riedel Road, people like John Cordero were beginning to notice a trend.

"Yeah we had two...I would say in the last six months we've had two or three."

At least two cars were broken into on his block; same MO, forced entry and valuables stolen.

One of those valuables an iPad-2, the tablet, police say was later found in the car of Brandon Michael Smith along with tools of the car break-in trade.

Smith, known to area officers was arrested this weekend after a simple traffic violation netted him much more than just a citation.

"Mr. Smith obviously being known to officers, we developed information on a possible vehicle he was in, conducted a traffic stop for a traffic violation in that vehicle and ultimately searched it and recovered some stolen property," said Anne Arundel County Police Spokesperson Justin Mulcahy.

If his Smith's current mug shot doesn't look familiar, try a different angle by watching him get caught in the act from a private surveillance video outside a victims Crofton home last October.

The video, originally posted to the Anne Arundel County Police facebook page resulted in his first arrest last year.

According to court records he was on probation for that crime; now a year later in trouble again for the same type of crimes.

"We have some unclaimed property at this point so we are asking folks to come forward to claim their property if they believe they were a victim as well.  It is an ongoing investigation."

An investigation neighbors hope reveals a compelling case against Smith this time that nets him more than just probation.

"Yeah that's kind of disturbing but that is kind of the way the system works.  Hopefully this time he will get a little more time and spend a little bit more time in jail," said Cordero.

Anne Arundel County Police have only charged smith with one car break-in so far but feel they may close more cases as they match the stolen property with victims.

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