Parents' arrest highlights danger of synthetic marijuana

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - When police came to the McDonald’s across from the Annapolis Mall early Saturday evening they found two adults passed out in a car with their 8-month-old son in the back seat.

Paramedics had to wake the parents up and police said when they got out of the car both had problems standing and had slurred speech.

“What we found out is they consumed synthetic marijuana and passed out,” said Lt. T.J. Smith, an Anne Arundel County police spokesman.

Brooke Michael and Michael May, both 20 and from Annapolis, were arrested and charged with neglect of a minor and possession of CDS paraphernalia . Their son was released to his grandfather. Police found packets of synthetic marijuana, K2, in their car.

“Back in the 70's they used to talk about marijuana laced with PCP, this is 10 times worse,” Smith said.

Del. Cathy Vitale (R-Anne Arundel County) led the cause in Annapolis to get these synthetic drugs illegal. Vitale said you can still buy this synthetic pot in 24 different locations in Anne Arundel County and they market them younger kids.

“You can buy Scooby Snacks,” said Vitale, referring to a brand of synthetic marijuana. “They have the same Scooby features except he's green and looks a little like Mr. Uck. and instead of it being [spelled] S-N-A-C-K-S, it's S-N-A-X.”

Vitale says all that will soon come to an end thanks to legislation passed this year that attacks the venders that sell the product; legislation that takes effect on Oct. 1.

“It's hard enough teaching the kids and now you have adults taking this dangerous product and exposing an 8-month-old,” Vitale said.