Off-duty police officer charged with assault

CURTIS BAY, Md. - An off-duty police officer from Prince George's County was arrested and charged with first and second degree assault after an early morning road rage incident occurred in Curtis Bay.

According to Anne Arundel County Police, a 47-year-old male was traveling on I-97 when he saw a Chevrolet Equinox being operated by Joey Torres, an off-duty officer from Prince George's County.

Torres was traveling in the left hand lane passing traffic. The victim switched lanes and got behind Torres keeping up with traffic. The victim then said Torres slowed his SUV down forcing the victim to pass him.

Police say Torres then sped up following the victim's car onto I-695 East then to Ordinance Road where the victim pulled his Volkswagen Passat into a parking lot in the 700 block of East Ordiance Road. The victim told police Torres followed him into the parking lot blocking the man's car.

At one point, Torres got out of his SUV and retrieved a gun from the trunk of the Equinox. According to witnesses, Torres approached the victim's car in an aggressive manner, stepped in front of the Passat, and pointed his gun inside the car.

The victim was able to drive away to another location to wait for police.

Anne Arundel County Police officers confirmed Torres was an off-duty officer and took possession of his departmental service weapon, a loaded Smith & Wesson handgun.

Police took Torres to the Northern District where he was charged with first and second degree assault, reckless endangerment, and using a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence.

Torres appeared before a court commissioner and was later released on his own recognizance.

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