NJ man charged with human trafficking at Linthicum hotel

NJ man charged with human trafficking

LINTHICUM, Md. - The four people three women and one man left the Philadelphia area and set up a brothel in a hotel room near BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport.

They had run ads on a website, and were bringing in a lot of clients.

Things were moving along quite well...until 19 year old Johnesha Harris wanted to go home.

"All three females were engaging in prostitution willingly but at a certain point this 19 year old female indicated to the person she was done and wanted to get out but at that point she was being held against her will and denied from the mail she reached out to a relative in NJ who in turn called the police dept." Anne Arundel County Police Spokesman Justin Mulcahy says.
Harris sent her mom a text message and she called police.

Twenty six year old Edward Perkins of Jersey City, New Jersey was arrested and is facing human trafficking charges for allegedly keeping Harris against her will and running a prostitution ring.
Harris along with Brittani Crabil and Nkosazana Adebamgbe were all charged with possession of marijuana and prostitution.

"What you're dealing with is something that is a little bit more underground this is prostitution that takes place on line on the internet this particular case called backpage.com this particular websites are a front for prostitution that's pretty much what they are and that's how they're being utilized it's a little bit more difficult to investigate again we've had proactive operations to address it but you need citizen information and cooperation from the businesses to address it." Mulcahy says.

Now this isn't the first time that a hotel near the airport had an issue with someone setting up a prostitution operation.

Mulcahy says the police work with hotel owners to let them know what to look out for and to call police if they notice any suspicious behavior.

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