New phone scam strikes four counties

MILLERSVILLE, Md - It's a call to your cell phone from a number that you don't know.

The caller addresses you by name and says that your spouse, son, daughter or some other family member has been in a car crash.

But instead of telling you where to find them, the caller says that your loved one is responsible and they're being held hostage until you wire the money to settle the accident.

It's got a ton of urban fears all wrapped up in one short call.

It's just not true.

"If someone's calling you and demanding money putting pressure on you to wire money that's the first red flag, we're asking folks to remain calm this can be a traumatic experience if you think a loved one is possibly being harmed or held hostage." Anne Arundel County Police Spokesman Justin Mulcahy says.

There have been several calls like this made throughout the area from a 301 number.

Police in Anne Arundel, Baltimore Harford and Carroll Counties all say they've received terrified calls from people who received these scam calls.

Towson University students have also been victimized by this scam.

Although no on in this area has sent money, Mulcahy says in other parts of the country people have lost thousands.

There have always been telephone scams.

But with the internet more personal information is out there about you and your family.

With a few basic facts a scammer can create havoc in your life and remain hidden through the phone or the web.

First rule to follow, never give out personal or financial information over the phone or the internet on an unsolicited call.

"Don't take any quick unnecessary actions think it through remain calm and just be aware of this but again with the emergence of the internet and smartphones it's more challenging for law enforcement in trying to find the source of these calls." Mulcahy says.

Police say the best thing to do is remain calm and think about where your loved one could be.

And then try to call them on another phone.

If you have caller id make sure you log the number, the time of the call.

These are things that help authorities track down the callers.

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