Man charged in human trafficking

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WMAR) - A Takoma Park man has been charged with numerous human trafficking and prostitution charges stemming from an investigation spanning several months.

According to the Annapolis Police Department Freddy Leguisamon, 27, was charged with 54 counts of general prostitution, 8 counts of receiving compensation form human trafficking, 5 counts of taking another to a place fot he purpose of human trafficking and 4 counts of operating a prostitution business.

The investigation began when police received information from the community about prostitution activity in the Annapolis area. Since May three search and seizure warrants have been executed on Johnson Place, Loretta Avenue and Hannon Street.

Leguisamon was advertising his business by handing out business cards to prospective clients. He picked up women in Prince George's County and delivered them to addresses police searched in the Annapolis are to work as prostitutes. Leguisamon would also make deliveries to as many as 20 houses a day, 5 days a week.

It was discovered that some of the women are in the country illegally and were working as prostitutes to pay off debts owed by themselves or their families.

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