Legally blind man attacked, robbed in Severn

Victims are often caught off guard, but a Severn man couldn't see this coming.  Police say at least two guys robbed a blind man.

"He walks with a cane and he counts his steps," said a neighbor, who didn’t want to talk on camera for fear of retaliation.  "I helped him back to his house a couple times.  I know the man don't bother nobody.”

Neighbors on Pioneer Dr. near Ft. Meade know that a blind man lives close by.

"If they see him ready to walk across the street and they know who he is, they'll tell him oh there's a car coming, or there's not and they'll just help him across the street," said Edward Glenn. 

He knows how many steps it takes to get to the corner of the sidewalk, so it seems at least two men saw a way to take advantage of a legally blind man.

We watched the victim invite a visitor inside, but he did not want to speak on camera.  Anne Arundel County Police say after midnight on Thursday, the 25-year-old was walking up to the Orchard Food Mart when suspects robbed him.

One guy grabbed him from behind and started to choke him while another stole cash from his pockets.

"The sad part about this is the description we have to get is from what he felt," said Lt. T.J. Smith, Anne Arundel Co. Police spokesman.  "The victim felt that one of the males was a skinny male, so a thin male." 

Police hope the right person who saw people running away may help their case.

"That's petty to tell you the truth.  I don't know why nobody would do that," said Glenn. 

The victim was not injured during the robbery.  Police searched the area early Thursday morning.

If you have information, you're asked to call police: 410-222-6155.

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