Jury deliberations continue in 'road rage' death case

We are close to the end in the "road rage" murder trial of a New Jersey detective.

Joseph Walker says he was protecting his family. 

The family of Joseph Harvey of Glen Burnie says he was a teddy bear and shouldn't have died

“My take on the whole case is that he acted in self-defense,” Joseph Solee, an alternate juror, released from the murder case of Det. Joseph Walker.

In June 2013 Walker, a New Jersey police officer, was in his car with his wife and three young children on Route 3 in Anne Arundel County.

Walker swerved into another lane interfering with Joe Harvey and Adam Pidel’s car. Walker contended it was an accident and Harvey and added that Pidel began yelling racial slurs and threats at him, going as far as throwing a large can of Monster energy drink at his car.

Walker said the two men then tried to force him off the road. Walker said he stopped on the shoulder of the road to check on the damage to his car. At that point defense attorneys said the two men pulled off also and began walking toward his car in a threatening manner.

Walker’s defense team said he then held up his badge, identified he was an officer and displayed his gun. Pidel stopped but Harvey did not. Walker said that's why he fatally shot Harvey three times.

Harvey's stepmother and Pidel’s supporters were at the trial Tuesday. Pidel said Walker did not show his badge and Pidel did not know he was a police officer until after the shooting.

Jury deliberations began Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.