Hanover rallies for slain gas station attendant

HANOVER, Md. - United with one voice, for one community they gathered to remember Raj Kumar, the gas station employee gunned down in Hanover .

Customers, clergy and members of the community lifted up their voices Monday.

They're sent a message to the robber who killed Kumar at the Exxon station on Aug. 7.

They're pledged to be resilient, and relentless in their efforts to protect their community and help Anne Arundel County police find the man responsible.

"We want you to know today the people are gonna dime you out. The preachers are gonna pray you out. And the police is gonna pull you out," said Bishop Abraham Shanklin, of the United Christian Clergy Alliance.

Police released this surveillance video last week from the night of the murder.

There is a $27,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible.

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