Copper thieves' vehicle gets stuck in the mud in Hanover

This isn't the first time thieves have struck at the Sprint telephone communications branch in Hanover, but it may be the last time for Dennis Asmussen of Jessup and Robert Oliff of Laurel.
When police responded for a report of a burglary, they found the suspects still on the scene where their late-model truck had gotten stuck up to its axle in some deep mud spoiling their getaway.
A tow truck had already arrived to help pull them out.
"Their story just wasn't adding up.  They said they were there four-wheeling,” said Justin Mulchay, spokesman of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, “Officers began to investigate.  While on scene, a witness came forward and said there were some thefts that were taking place there in the past behind the business, more specifically, generators that were being stripped of cables."
In addition to a shaky alibi and the knee-deep mud placing them at the scene, it was hard to miss the footprints in the snow leading from the mud bog up a slight hill to the scene of the crime.
"Suffice to say we found two cables that were missing and the chain link fence was actually cut open and we found some cutting tools in the bed of the truck," Mulcahy said.
While getting stuck in the commission of a crime certainly isn't text book, it gets worse for our suspects.
In addition to the burglary tools, police also found drug paraphernalia inside the truck, which has drawn more charges, and did we mention that a third suspect fled from the muddy scene before police arrived?
Call it a hunch, but with two of his alleged accomplices behind bars, it's a pretty good bet that he won't get far.
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