Looters steal guns from Odenton apartment fire victims

7 guns stolen from one apartment

ODENTON, Md. - You can literally look through the top of the burned apartment building at Seven Oaks in Odenton and see what's left of lives built.

A pick-up truck offers a ground level view of the belongings now jammed into produce boxes and garbage bags, but what last week's fire didn't take, burglars made sure to steal Thursday.

"Every drawer was pulled out. Items on shelves just knocked on the ground. Anything that was a bag or suitcase, unzipped, everything was opened up, everything was gone through," resident Shane Keller said.

Keller lived in one of 11 apartments lucky enough not to be affected by fire, but burned by a burglar.

Wednesday night into Thursday, Keller’s apartment was cleaned out, his life stolen including his seven legally purchased and registered firearms.

Rifles, along with at least one shotgun and an antique civil war pistol were stolen.

Keller said the stolen weapons are his chief concern  "because of what they could potentially be used for."

It is a chief concern for police too.

"[They are] probably the biggest thing we want off the street because these are proven bad guys. They burglarized a place that burned down, then they stole guns," said Lt. T.J. Smith, an Anne Arundel County police spokesman.

But late Friday afternoon, county police were able to recover six of those firearms.

Detectives found them in a bag about a mile from the apartment complex, but there is still plenty of property to recover because whoever was able to pull off this burglary did it with pinpoint accuracy and right under the nose of a security company named Signal 88 Security hired to specifically prevent looting from the week-old fire scene.    

"It's concerning to us.  That is what they were hired for and again it is not placing blame, but that was the specific reason. And for how much stuff that was taken in multiple units, again 11 places burglarized, television, safes....this took time," Smith said

Time and a precision that is raising suspicion, all of it now squarely part of an ongoing investigation.

ABC2News reached Signal 88 Security by phone which released the following statement:

"We continually strive to provide the best security services in the industry, and we deeply regret that these burglaries occurred. We have taken additional security measures to safeguard the residents of Seven Oaks and their belongings, and we remain ready to assist the police in any way we can during the course of their investigation.," the company said.

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