Family: Justice not served in case of Kendall Green

The anger over a judge's decision to dismiss a murder charge against a white defendant who had been accused of killing an African-American man in Anne Arundel County has not died down.

Family members of 25-year-old Kendall Green, who was killed last year in Glen Burnie, say they see the same lack of fairness in their community that they believe exists in Ferguson, Missouri.

Green was shot and killed last September by Air Force Sgt. Matthew Pinkerton during a confrontation at Pinkerton's home.

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“If my son had killed Mr. Pinkerton that night, my son would be doing life,” said Felicia Carroll, Kendall Green’s mother.  She spoke at an NAACP meeting Thursday night that focused on the case.

Pinkerton was indicted on a charge of 2nd degree murder, and went on trial.  But Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge William Mulford acquitted him before his case got to the jury.

The judge did not allow prosecutors to argue that Pinkerton had used the n-word just before shooting Kendall Green.

“He had too much power in this case. He determined what we would hear and what we would not hear,” Carroll said.

Anne Arundel County’s police chief, Kevin Davis, appeared at the rally -- and told the crowd he still stands by the decision to charged Pinkerton with murder.

In a recent interview, Pinkerton's attorney said his client had no choice but to open fire.

“It was Kendall Green who was in an intoxicated aggressive manner broke into Sgt. Pinkerton's home and Sgt. Pinkerton had no other choice but to protect his family,” said the attorney, Peter O’Neill.

Kendall Green's family along with NAACP believe his shooting was a hate crime -- they're calling on the US Justice Department to investigate and try the case in federal court.

“It's not fair, it's not acceptable, and we need to keep requesting justice for my son,” Carroll said.

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