Cars Vandalized In Glen Burnie

Angry Neighbors Looking For Answers, Perpetrators

GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WMAR) - More than 20 neighbors in this serene Tanyard Springs community woke to the uncomfortable feeling realizing their cars were broken in this week.

Anne Arundel County Police say about two dozen cars were targeted Wednesday in this Glen Burnie community. Most were left unlocked.

That's what Taylor Simpson believes the thieves were thinking when they broke into the carsĀ  by her house. Taylor makes sure her vehicles are secure at night.

"I keep my cars locked and I makeĀ  sure noting is inside the car and if I do have something in my car I lock it up in the glove box," said resident Taylor Simpson. "It's unnerving to think someone would break into you car while you are sleeping. "

Danielle knows a lot of police officers live in this community, which surprises her that these break-ins would happen.

" You would think that would be a deterrent, but I guess they assume they were sleeping as well," said Danielle.

The crooks also targeted Tiffany Dixon's SUV. She normally doesn't lock her car.

She may change her mind now.

"I never locked my cars before. I didn't think I needed to because we never had any major issues," said Tiffany.

If you have any information about the break-ins, Anne Arundel County Police are asking you to call (410) 222-8610.

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