Cab driver assaulted, robbed in Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - A cab driver is recovering from a ride he would like to forget.

It all started when the cab driver picked up John Dawson in Baltimore and drove him to Annapolis. 

When they arrived in Annapolis, Dawson told the cab driver he was waiting for his wife to pick him up. He asked the cab driver if he would buy him cigarettes at a gas station nearby so his wife would not see him purchase the cigarettes.

The cab driver agreed and got out of the cab. At that point police say Dawson caught the cab driver off guard and struck him in the face, running away without paying the $140 fee.

The police were called and were on the lookout for Dawson when he actually ran in front of a police car.

"He tried to flee on foot. He was apprehended by the patrol officer who was on the scene and placed under arrest," said Lt. Brian Antal of Annapolis Police.

Police said Dawson was charged with second-degree assault. The cab driver did not require medical attention.