Baltimore man charged with breaking into more than 30 cars

In large apartment complexes with parking lots to match, your vehicle can become an easy target.
"We came out in the morning around seven or eight and her back window was broken out," said Christian Kothe, recalling the burglary of his girlfriend’s car.
Now, a series of similar thefts on Long Branch Terrace in the wee hours of the morning Monday landed 18-year-old Travis Wayne Crowe behind bars, and the size of the take hardly warranted the alleged crimes.
"It turns out that there was some loose change that was in this guy's book bag that he took from a car that obviously was not his,” said Justin Mulcahey of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, “There was a radar (detector) and there were some other items, which is something common we see in these thefts from autos.  Ultimately, there were three victims and their items were reunited with them."
And it appears those three thefts may have been just a fraction of the crimes, which targeted vehicles in similar apartment complexes in nearby communities.
But if Crowe and a possible accomplice thought they were scoring some easy money, they were wrong.
"In the last 48 hours, there were probably about 30 to 35 other victims.  We're looking at that possibility that there could have been 30 to 35 other victims in surrounding communities from this individual who appears to have been working possibly with somebody else.  So it's an ongoing investigation to say the least," added Mulcahey.
For now, the teen only faces seven charges tied to this morning's thefts, but they could carry a combined maximum sentence of more than eight years behind bars, and dozens of additional charges could be forthcoming.
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