AA Co. burglar plays "catch-me-if-you-can"

PASADENA, Md. - Boulevard Park off Mountain Road in Anne Arundel County was still one of those small, close communities where people still felt they could leave their windows and doors open, but in just less than a month's time…and they are a changin'

"This is our lifestyle and now it's been invaded.  There's definitely been a loss of security, especially from those that have been robbed and I feel sorry for them," said resident Dennis Ledford.

Because since the calendar turned to September there have been an astonishing 15 burglaries in just a couple blocks.

"Since my neighbor directly behind me got robbed, I have not been able to sleep but a couple hours a night.  I pace from window to window looking out," said Ledford.

And some homes have even been hit more than once leading police to believe that this is the same suspect that is incredibly familiar with this neighborhood and the routines of the people who live here;  a catch me if you can type case that's been going on for about three weeks now.

"It's a very similar methodology, very similar proximity of the crimes and the time frame of the crimes that have been taking place and based on our intelligence, we believe this individual is familiar with the community or could be local," said Anne Arundel County Spokesperson Justin Mulcahy.

Local enough to know the layout and landscape of the development making use of the tree line for quick getaways.

The suspect is eluding and frustrating police; a precise burglary spree maddening those trying to catch him and scaring his victims into a new reality.

"We were one of the people that would leave them unlocked, but now we don't.  In fact now we put extra locks just to be safe," said Denise Ledford.

The times in Boulevard Park have indeed, finally changed.

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