A father talks after police charge a man with sexually abusing his daughter

SEVERN, Md. - The father of the young child who police say was sexually abused agreed to tell us what he knows, as long as we protect his identity.

"That's my wife's family, so I never figured anything like that would happen," the father said.

Inside his Severn home, he told us Darrius Carr, 22, helped him and his wife move in a few months ago.  They returned the favor, giving Carr a place to live and a chance to babysit.

"She never act weird or anything.  She was always acting normal.  She was still happy, running around playing, nothing out of the ordinary with her," he said of his daughter.   

Police charged Carr with multiple counts of child abuse, including filming a sex act, after he turned himself in.  The rest of the story is part of the investigation, but the father says images were found on Carr's phone.

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"One of the neighbors three or four doors down says he found the phone and he went and got it activated and he looked through the phone and he saw it and he called the police," he said.

The father says to make matters worse for the family, both of his kids were removed from the home almost four weeks ago.  Child Protective Services told him they had to do that until they figured out who abused his daughter.

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

"One of the largest age groups of children who are most at risk are children under the age of 8 years old," said Adam Rosenberg, executive director of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center.

Rosenberg says it's never too early for parents to start a conversation.

"When we begin to demystify it and children feel comfortable saying what had happened there to their own body part, then we can respond better," said Rosenberg.     

There's a father who had to open his eyes and understand a family member is capable of abusing his children.

"I was always a protector but I'm going to be more of a protector.  It's going to be hard for any man to get around my daughter, even women," the father said.    

The father is told he will get his children back soon.  Carr turned himself in on Tuesday night in Harford County.  Police in Anne Arundel County say the investigation is still ongoing.

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