2 arrested, charged in Pasadena murder

PASADENA, Md (WMAR) - Matthew Morrow's truck has someone else in the driver's seat to lead hundreds of people who trail behind.  His mom joins the crowd to honor her son's life.

"This is just so senseless that something like this would happen," said Carla Morrow, Matthew's mom.    

Morrow was buff.  Friends say he spent two hours a day working out, training to be a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.  But that didn't stop gunshots from killing him.

The shooting happened outside of Robert Costa's home on Outing Ave. in Pasadena.

"People drove up, rolled the window down, and started firing shots.  I heard all four of the shots go off," said Costa.               

Anne Arundel County Police say it happened outside of a house party around 1:30 a.m. Saturday.  Darren Costa was standing with his best friend.  He was also shot in the arm.

"It was complete bull crap what happened.  It was pointless.  He got killed for absolutely nothing, cause of mistaken identity," said Darren Costa.           

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Police arrested two 18-year-old suspects:  Ronald McLeod from Columbia and Daniel Savage from Glen Burnie.  Both are charged with First Degree Murder.

"Everybody was helping him, telling him not to fade out," said Robert Costa.    

Morrow touched the community that was willing to pour out their hearts on Saturday night.

"These people out here just have no respect for life and would rather impress somebody by shooting at random.  It's just crazy," said Ed Morrow, Matthew's dad.        

"We miss him already and thank everybody out here for their support. And we'll never let him go, never," said Carla Morrow.    

Police have not mentioned a motive.  The suspects face other charges.  McLeod is charged with Possession of Handgun on Person, Possession of Handgun in Vehicle, Possession of Handgun – Use in Violent Crime.

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