'Brown Pride' gang members arrested

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Police and Immigration officers along with Homeland Security agents arrested 6 illegal immigrants with ties to the "Brown Pride" gang, Monday night.

Officers and agents served a search an seizure warrant in the 2000 block of Generals Highway in Annapolis just before 6:00 p.m. in a targeted operation.

Officers arrested the 6 illegal aliens with known ties to the "Brown Pride" gang and recovered suspected narcotics and other evidence.

The events are the culmination of an intense investigation initiated by the Annapolis Police Department to combat the emerging "Brown Pride" gang, comprised in part by illegal aliens.

Police say the group is responsible for crimes in and around the Annapolis area, including the Annapolis High and Middle School.

Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop commented, "Today we significantly impacted an illegal enterprise which will surely go far in keeping Annapolis safe. This is an example of outstanding police work supported by our partnership with ICE. Our work is by no means done."

Annapolis Police are confident that the arrests made in this case will have a serious impact on the "Brown Pride" gang's ability to operate and maintain its organization.

The 6 illegal aliens are currently being held by ICE on administrative immigration charges, pending criminal charges from the State of Maryland.

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