Suspect dies after police chase spanning 2 counties

It was a chase that spanned two counties and ended with the death of a man who police say had his face covered in cocaine.
Images captured by a citizen's cell phone Wednesday night show where the truck that led police on a chase through southern Harford and northern Baltimore counties ended up crashing into a marked police car head-on.
The driver of that truck, identified as 30-year-old Arvel Douglas Williams, died at a local hospital.
"Well, I live up on the corner and the police chase was coming up Cowenton Avenue.  It was a long line of police cars.  I'd say about eight or ten," said a nearby neighbor who did not want to be identified.
"I did see the police car,” said longtime resident Al Willick, “It was damaged real good in the front.  It was nasty looking in the front."
Police say the chase began at 8:02 p.m. when Harford County Sheriff's deputies investigating suspicious activity near Philadelphia and Mountain roads tried to pull over the red Ford pickup and it sped away.
As the fleeing vehicle traveled into Baltimore County, deputies radioed police there for assistance, and ultimately it was one of their marked cars that was hit when the chase came to an end at East Joppa Road and Cowenton Avenue.
"When the suspect vehicle got up to the circle, he went around the circle and the police split and went on both sides of the circle and he was pretty much... he couldn't go anywhere,” said an onlooker, “I was told he came up along the sidewalk here and he hit the police car head on."
Harford County deputies then confronted Williams, but he resisted their attempts to arrest him and they used Tasers on him.
According to police, after they handcuffed Williams, they were talking with him when he suddenly began to have a medical emergency.
In another video, also captured by an onlooker at the scene, you can see paramedics putting the man in the ambulance and trying to save his life, but their efforts would be in vain.
Later, police discovered evidence that he may have ingested cocaine, making it difficult to determine whether the crash, the Tasers, the drugs or some combination of them actually cost him his life.
Investigators are now awaiting the results of an autopsy from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to determine what killed Williams. 
Meanwhile, the Harford County deputies who used their Tasers to subdue him have been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation being handled by Baltimore County.
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