Maryland State Police troopers fatally shot 'aggressive' pit bull on the loose in Cecil County

State Police said dog chased woman into her home

NORTH EAST, Md. - Maryland State Police fatally shot a pit bull in Cecil County Monday afternoon. State Police described the dog as “aggressive” and in a release noted that the dog charged after a responding trooper after chasing a woman back into her home.

The dog's owner, Jessie Kwasney, was at a movie at about 3 p.m., about a half hour after his pit bull was put down by troopers. State Police called Kwasney's roommate who was also at the movies. 

“There is a lot of stuff that has happened to me in the last eight years and he was everything to me. … They took the only person I had in this world to me,” Kwasney said.  

Troopers were dispatched to the unit block of Plum Shore Road in North East, Maryland for a report of “an aggressive dog on the loose,” according to the release. A woman called 911 after the dog, she said, snarled at her and chased her back into her home.

The woman told police where the dog lived.

Maryland State Police also fatally shot a pit bull mix breed in Queen Anne's County on Sunday, in a unrelated incident. 

The two troopers went to the empty, unfenced home and found an open sliding glass door with a damaged wooden frame after they received no answer at the front door, the release states.

Kwasney said that his dog had previously managed to nudge the broken door open with his snout. 

According to the release, the two troopers heard a TV on inside the home.

“Fearing a burglary may be underway, troopers checked the residence and found no one inside,” according to Maryland State Police.

When the troopers came out of the home they spotted the pit bull named Curacao across the street.

“The dog took an aggressive stance and then ran directly toward both troopers,” the release states. “The dog stopped about five feet away and was growling and barking viciously. The dog then lunged toward one of the troopers. In fear for his safety, the trooper fired his State Police issued .40 caliber pistol, fatally wounding the dog and ending the threat.”

The trooper shot the dog four times in Kwasney's driveway.

“He doesn’t snarl. He doesn’t snap. He doesn’t do anything,” Kwasney said. “Animal Control told me they never would’ve done it . … I don’t understand why Maryland State Police were at an animal incident." 

Maryland State Police interviewed several neighbors who said Curacao was “frequently loose in the neighborhood and was aggressive” and that he “charged toward them on previous occasions.”

Kwasney said only one neighbor had called Animal Control once before, but no record of the complaint exists on file. He added that only two of his neighbors disliked the dog because he was a pit bull. 

“They couldn’t even tell me if he was wagging his tail,” Kwasney said.

Kwasney got Curacao when he was a puppy four years ago. Curacao was named after the blue cocktail liquor, because of the colors of his eyes. Kwasney adopted the dog shortly after losing custody of his daughter four years ago after returning home from a tour of duty in Iraq as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant. 

“I went through a really rough time," Kwasney said. "He was like my kid. 


"Don't just come on to my property and shoot my dog four f------ times,” Kwasney said.  

Kwasney added that he was considering filing a complaint against Maryland State Police. 

“I’ll probably go talk to my lawyer tomorrow,” he said.  “I need to collect myself and go through the situation again to see what happened.” 

Kwasney and his roommates finished burying Curacao at about 11 p.m. Monday night. 


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