Frostburg man charged with human trafficking

NORTH EAST, Md. - Inside a North East hotel room two women were in fear.  Room 103 faces the parking lot just steps away from the front lobby of the Holiday Inn Express.

"She's like shaking. She was like call the police. I've been kidnapped. He's got a gun," said Jay Desai, owner, Holiday Inn Express, North East, MD

Desai owns the hotel located right off Interstate 95.  It's the first time a human trafficking case has come to light in one of the 71 rooms.

Thursday afternoon around 1:30 seemed like a typical check-in.

"When he checked in, he went to his car. And then he brought the two girls in from the front doors with luggage on the cart," said Desai.  

Maryland State Police say he is an Allegany County man, identified as Germaine Wiggins, 34, also known as Prince and Mack Luxury.  There's nothing luxurious about a jail cell where Wiggins is now held without bond.

Investigators say earlier in the week he met two women in Ohio, one later reported being raped.  The women, ages 25 and 36, went from Pennsylvania to Virginia, agreeing to work as prostitutes at first.

They told Wiggins "no more.”  MSP says that's when they were kidnapped and brought to Cecil County.

"He implied that he had a firearm. He implied that if they attempted to leave him, that he would kill them," said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police spokesman.

This door closed and one victim saw her break.  It was minutes after check-in.  She ran to the front desk when Wiggins ran out to the car.

Desai locked her in a room behind the desk and slipped into the role of a stealth actor.

"It was suspicious after that cause he was walking with a mission it looked like. He was walking rather aggressively. He asked him questions, like do you need help with anything? Are you looking for someone? He's like yea, I'm looking for a girl. Have you seen her? I was like, I haven't seen anybody," said Desai.

She stayed safe until police arrived.  Wiggins tried to leave but was caught on hotel property.  The quick-thinking hotel owner saved two women from another night of torture.

"The girl has to be proactive about it. We can't, there's usually no signs about it. The usual prostitution, they usually keep quiet," said Desai.

Wiggins faces several charges, including kidnapping, a felony, carrying up to 30 years, and human trafficking, a misdemeanor in Maryland when the victims are adults.

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