Former teacher, soccer coach , JCC swim instructor allegedly tried to purchase sex slaves for $2,000

A neighbor in Manchester says from all appearances, 58-year-old Charles David Beaver was as apple pie as his small hometown here in Carroll County.
"I wouldn't think anything," said Ed Green. "I seen him come in at night from work once in a while if I'm sitting on the porch here. I see him set his trash out, mow his lawn."
But according to charging documents, the same man who built a ramp to help his elderly mother come and go from his house went to great lengths to arrange to purchase a 15-year-old and 16-year=old boy for sex at a cost of $2,000.
In an email conversation with what he thought was one of the teenagers, Beaver said, "I like to shower with teens, lots of body contact, cuddle, I kiss, I give and receive nude massage."
He went on to say, "I am not in to any form of torture or abuse... just getting you off as much as possible.” 
When Beaver arrived at a Woodlawn motel to seal the deal, police were waiting to arrest him.
The suspect has subsequently been fired from his job as a summer swimming instructor at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore.
"We want people to always feel really safe at the JCC.  We've been doing it for over 160 years.  If families want to talk to their children about their interactions with this person, they should, but we feel very strongly that every day this place is very safe for kids and their families," said JCC President Barak Hermann.
Back in Manchester, parents we spoke with say, they too, are making sure their children were never targets of a man who never previously displayed such tendencies.
"I heard that he was from Carroll County on the news, but never a next door neighbor," said Green.
According to those charging documents, Beaver also told police he had engaged in sexual chats with someone purporting to be a 17-year-old boy on Craigslist, and he sent him a picture of his private parts.
That revelation is part of an ongoing investigation.
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