Baltimore gang member who killed himself at police station identified

BALTIMORE - A man in police custody fatally shot himself in a bathroom stall inside Baltimore's Southwest District Police Station, officials said.

The man, later identified as Tyree Woodson, 38, was arrested Tuesday afternoon, officials said during a press briefing. Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez described the man as a "very violent person" with "a propensity for guns, violence and had a criminal history with a local gang."

Woodson's most recent open criminal charges include concealing a weapon and drugs. Court records show Woodson had an extensive criminal record that included charges for weapons, assault and attempted murder.

Somehow Woodson managed to bring a gun inside the police station. Police officials did not know for sure if the suspect was searched before he was taken to the station.  Rodriguez noted that it is standard and essential protocol to pat down suspects before they are taken into police custody.

“Our policy is clear. Whenever you transport an individual to the station it is imperative for the officer’s safety and for the safety of the individual being transported that we pat them down and make sure that they have no weapons,” Rodriguez said. “Anything short of a thorough search would not be acceptable.”

Rodriguez said a gun was recovered in the bathroom stall where bloody evidence suggested that Woodson took his own life. He also said that the gun did not belong to Baltimore police.

“We need to find out exactly how this occurred and we will,” Rodriguez said. “I am grateful that this individual elected to use that weapon on himself and not to engage any of the other officers or civilians  that may have been inside the police station.”

Police said Woodson was connected to a Baltimore gang and that he had been shot just a few days prior to his arrest. Woodson was facing attempted murder charges when he was taken in by Baltimore police Tuesday, officials said.

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