Community voices concerns to BGE

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. - People living in Howard County are still angry over the time it has taken BGE to get power back on after Tropical Storm Irene last September.

They were able to voice their concerns to the utility company.

Cathy Eshmont lives in the Dunloggin neighborhood near Ellicott City. She put together a petition for a meeting with The Public Service Commission to express her frustration with the reliability of the service from BGE. A meeting was held with the PSC, BGE and neighbors in Ellicot city Tuesday night.

Cathy feels that she isn't getting the service she is paying for.

She says they are paying high premiums and not getting the service they deserve.

Cathy is taking matters into her own hands and installing a generator system.

"It's an $8,000 project. I can think of a lot of other things I could do with 8,000 dollars."

BGE said it has been concerned about the reliability in that area. They said...."Not only has BGE embraced the communities in its efforts, it has also implemented or is planning to implement, numerous reliability initiatives".

Diane Butler has been the community association president for the last 10 years.

"They come in and fix some fixes but they don't fix the whole problems. Some older neighborhoods in the area have some real problems,"

With storms so prevalent this time of year, some residents feel the next outage maybe just around the corner.

"We get very nervous around here. We wonder is there going to be a storm and is there going to be winds and are we going to lose power",a member of the community explained.

David Rubin has severe sleep apnea and needs electricity to power his medical equipment while he sleeps at night.

"These batteries are only good for a few hours. After one night they won't work any more."

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