Baltimore Lutheran School

Baltimore Lutheran School
1145 Concordia Drive
Towson, Maryland 21286
Phone: 410-825-2323
FAX: 410-825-2506
Mr. Alan L. Freeman, M.S., Headmaster
Mrs. Ruth A. Heilman, M. Ed., Director of Admissions


Baltimore Lutheran School is the right choice for parents who desire a challenging academic setting, a caring and supportive community, and a school where their student can really shine!  Middle and high school students have many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities and to be an important part of the fabric of the school.  Members of the school's many competitive athletic teams are often also involved in the Concert Choir, Jazz Band, and Drama productions.  Baltimore Lutheran School helps students in all facets of development, providing well-rounded experiences which prepare them for the next stages of life.  Students spend more time on the stage and the field, and less time on the bench or cut from the group. 

The school's motto is "All to the Glory of God!"  Integrated into everything from Board policies to daily interactions in and out of the classroom, they strive to keep this motto real.  The community works together to share God's love with the world around them, through actions, prayer, praise, and study.  Whether performing at a nursing home, gathering toys to be sent to children far away, or praying together before a game, all things point to God's glory.

Teachers at Baltimore Lutheran School work with students outside of the school day, cheer for them at games, and daily pray for them.  It's impossible to "fall through the cracks" when teachers take a genuine interest in the total development of their students.  Graduates frequently return to visit teachers, sing along during choir class, and talk with the Headmaster.  They note the excellent preparation they received for college, and the precious memories they have of teachers, classes, games, dances, and other school events. 

Mostly, however, they share how much they treasure the family feeling, and the unwavering support they received as students.  They have gone on to a wide variety of highly competitive colleges and universities.  Graduates study Computer Science, Medicine, Theater, Law, Music, and Business, to name a few.  The school is thrilled that their students' success is due in part to the solid foundation they received during their time at Baltimore Lutheran School.

Enrich the mind. Empower the spirit. Embrace the opportunities!

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