BAD MEDICINE | Which complaint is the most common?

After reviewing thousands of pages of documents that detailed complaints against doctors, we compiled key terms and phrases into a list. We put the words in into a tool called a Word Cloud Generator to help us find patterns.

Use the word cloud

We chose the Word Cloud generated powered by Taxedo . By copying the list of words taken directly from the documents, a cloud is generated.

The words that appear larger were most common in our list. For example "PRESCRIPTIONS and PRESCRIBED" are the largest in our word cloud.

That tells us that prescription drug issues are the most common issue for the Maryland Board of Physicians.

There are hundreds of words appearing in the cloud and if you take the time to hover your mouse over the words, you'll get a better idea of what other issues are detailed in the reports about these doctors.

If you click on each word, the tool will automatically do a Google search of that word and give you more information if you are interested.

Click here to use the Word Cloud feature.

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