BAD MEDICINE | How this works

This section was created to give our visitors a closer look at 49 doctors in Maryland that are facing disciplinary action or alerts.

We've posted a profile article for 49 doctors that are all listed under the Maryland Board of Physicians directory. In the directory there are public documents available for download. We've also downloaded all of the documents pertaining to these 49 doctors.

In the profile articles, you'll find links to the hundreds of pages that contain more specific details about why these doctors are facing disciplinary action.

The documents also outline actions taken by the Board of Physicians. The disciplinary actions or alerts in this report date back to December, 2010.

Many of the proceedings are ongoing and they are subject to change.

On the main page of our Bad Medicine section you'll find a quick link directory where we've sorted the doctor profile articles in three different ways.

1) Sorted Alphabetically
2) Sorted by type of Complaint
3) Sorted by type of Doctor

Use this menu to see read more about the actions or alerts each of these doctors are dealing with.

WARNING | Some of the documents included in this special report have language you may find graphic in nature.

The documents outline complaints as well as decisions made by the Board of Physicians regarding the matters in question.

We've categorized the types of complaints into the following four groups:

1) Unjustifiable Prescriptions
2) Substance Abuse
3) Sexual Misconduct
4) Miscellaneous

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