AROUND BALTIMORE: ‘Happiest States' list, Bowling alley gourmet cuisine & Supermarket Good Samaritan

BALTIMORE - Here are the  stories you're talking about on February 25, 2014 . 

1. SUPERMARKET GOOD SAMARITAN: It felt like Oprah stopped by the Weis Market in Havre de Grace on Pulaski Highway. A mystery man offered to pay for shoppers’ groceries.

"He sat on a bench down there and between two cashiers, he just randomly got up and would pick somebody and pay for their groceries,” said Weis Markets’ Kathy Moyer.

Some people who were chosen elected to pass it on.

"There are some people who turned around and said, 'Wait for the next one.  They might need it more than I do,'” Kathy added. In the end, he gave out roughly a thousand dollars in groceries.

“I'd like to know who he is just to thank him again, because he really made a lot of people very, very happy," Ken Lathrop of Aberdeen added.

Fingers crossed. Maybe the grocery store secret shopper will stop by a car dealership next.

2. BOWLING ALLEY GOURMET CUISINE:Parks & Recreation” show’s Ron Swanson may be on to something, but maybe he’s got to take a trip to Mustang Alley’s Bar Bowling Bistro in Little Italy.

Parks & Recreation” show’s Ron Swanson may be on to something, but maybe he’s got to take a trip to Mustang Alleys Bar Bowling Bistro in Little Italy.

“We try to give it the upscale version of a bowling alley and upscale menu. Crab pretzels, crab cakes. We do have a variety of burgers, wraps, salads. Steak salads,” said Mustang Alley’s Brad Alterwitz.

Mustang Alley’s Pickled Onion Rings also got the attention of US Foods. The savory treats were a finalist for the brand’s Next Top Product. 

“It feels good to take something so simple and put it on the map…so to give that spin and have people recognize it and win through the round we did, it feels good,” Brad added.

“The rumor is if you eat the whole bowl of onion rings you’ll be perfect on the lanes and perfect with the ladies, “said Chef Lauren “Waffle” Yeagle.

3. MARYLAND DROPS ON ‘HAPPIEST STATES’ LIST: Looks like Maryland is a one of the happiest states in the US according to Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

But somehow we dropped from 11th in 2012 to 18th last year.

Maybe it was the Baltimore Grand Prix hitting the wall.

Could it be the Berger Cookie shortage.

Or possibly the Ravens and Orioles both missing the playoffs…

At least we’re not West Virginia… they came in last.

Top 10 states' well-being scores

1. North Dakota
2. South Dakota
3. Nebraska
4. Minnesota
5. Montana
6. Vermont
7. Colorado
8. Hawaii
9. Washington
10. Iowa

Bottom 10 states well-being score

41. Louisiana
42. Oklahoma
43. Missouri
44. Tennessee
45. Arkansas
46. Ohio
47. Alabama
48. Mississippi
49. Kentucky
50. West Virginia 


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