About The Young School

The Young School has made community service projects a foundation of their program.

They have partnered with various organizations in local communities, and this year, they've partnered with the Preston Mitchum, Jr. Foundation for thee annual school supply drive.

Over the past 10 years, Preston's program has provided disadvantaged and underserved children in the Baltimore area with school supplies and backpacks. As educators, those at The Young School feel that it is very important for all children to be prepared for school in order to work to the best of their ability, and recognize that this begins with the right academic tools. 

Organizing community service projects is an important piece to The Young School's curriculum, as it provides the opportunity to teach children about giving and to inspire acts of kindness and positive change at a very early age. 

"We are able to come together as children, families, teachers, and administrators to provide time, effort, and materials to those in our communities who need the extra help," says president Josh Young. "For those in our program, we are also able to help instill a sense of place and belonging within the community. 

"Our philosophy supports a life-long love of learning, and giving back to the community creates the foundation for our children to grow individually, as well as see oneself as part of a larger population."

Find more information on The Young School here: http://www.youngschool.com/

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