Congress spent how much on coffee and bagels?

WASHINGTON - Starbucks has raised prices on many drinks by about one-percent and if paying more has you upset-- Did you know you've also been buying coffee for your Congressmen, and maybe a bagel to go with it?

Here's ABC's David Kerley report:

Taxpayers are paying $2 to $5 for members of Congress to have a cup of joe or two.

"Congress is spending an awful lot of money to entertain, their members," said Bill Allison.

The Sunlight Foundation crunched the numbers for us and found the House of Representatives spent nearly $2 million on coffee and food last year alone.

And this is a true bi-partisan effort, with leaders hosting their own members. Republican speaker John Boehner spent $64,000, the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi--$61,000. The number two democrat, Steny Hoyer spent $52,000.

The biggest spender in the house was the number three Republican, California's Kevin McCarthy.

Even on his Facebook page there are pictures of meetings with fruit, bagels, croisants.. and coffee—costing a grand total of $95,000 and another $4,000 for bottled water. That's enough to pay the salaries of two mid level staffers.

The Congressman declined ABC's request for an interview and wouldn't stop  to defend his spending.

The Congressman said he cut the spending out, but ABC2 investigators noticed leftovers from a meeting he was just attending. A staffer even offered them a bagel.

McCarthy's office tells us they have made cuts.... but provided no numbers


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