AAA says the economy is putting car repairs out of reach for some

Times are tough, and according to AAA, the economic slump is putting car repairs in the back seat of many people's priorities.

A survey, just released by AAA Mid-Atlantic, asked respondents whether or not they would be able to pay for a car repair of $2,000 if it was needed.

About 25% of those surveyed said no, and one in eight people said they wouldn't even be able to afford to pay for a repair of half that amount.

AAA's Manager of Public and Government Affairs for the Mid-Atlantic region points out that those statistics are even more worrisome when you consider that most people rely on their cars to get to work and make a living.

AAA recommends paying special attention to the following maintenance issues so they don't become more expensive problems.

Fluids - Engine oil levels should be checked at least once a month
Air Filter - Look at your air filter everytime you change your oil
Belts - Check belts during every oil change and make sure to replace them if you see cracking
Hoses - Check for leaks every time you get an oil change
Battery - Battery cable connections should be checked at every oil change and cleaned
Tires - Check tire tread and inflation to avoid flat tires

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