Weis Gas Rewards

Membership:  FREE

Point Value:  Get 10 cents in discounted gas reward points for every $50 you spend in one day

Expiration:  Not specifically stated but start and end of point of promotion are listed on receipt (cannot accrue points during final week of redemption period)

Redemption Limit:  You can accrue an unlimited amount of points but you can only redeem those points up to the cost of gas

Excluded Items:  Alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, money orders, gasoline, Western Union, lottery tickets, postage stamps, entertainment tickets, video rentals, copy/fax services and all applicable taxes, milk and cream, as well as items prohibited by law

Fuel limit:  Discount can only be redeemed up to 20 gallons of fuel

Locations For Redemption:  Weis Gas N' Go locations or Sheetz gas stations


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