Tropical Storm Debby cuts vacations short for many Marylanders

LINTHICUM, Md. - Tropical Storm Debby cut vacations short for thousands of Marylanders.   

The Gravelle family vacation was in the making for ten years.  For their wedding anniversary, the family packed up for a Disney Cruise.  Mickey Mouse was there to greet them, but so was Debby.

It wasn't exactly what you see on the commercials for a Florida cruise.

For some, weather is part of the game.  But you can do something to protect your vacation investment from the weather.

You could buy travel insurance, but you should look at the fine print.

If you want to be covered on weather issues, make sure you book early.  The United States Travel Insurance Association suggests buying a policy the same time you book the trip.

Know what types of weather events are covered.  Some companies will only reimburse you in the case of a natural disaster, like a hurricane tropical storm or earthquake,.

But we found plans today that will compensate you if more than a half-inch of rain falls on a vacation day.  Obviously, those plans are more expensive.    

Ask yourself if the trip is worth it.  On average, travel insurance will cost between 4%-8% of your trip's value. 

The United States Travel Insurance Association says more people insure international trips and cruises.

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