Travel tips for getting on that flight


It's still a busy travel season and some people are trying to get home after being away for Christmas. Others are heading out of town for New Years.

If you're going somewhere by plane there's a chance you're flight's delayed or canceled because of weather.

If that happens airlines will automatically re-book you on the next available flight, but because of all the weather delays that next flight could be days away.

There are a few things you can do to increase your odds of getting on a plane.

  • If you're unhappy with your re-booked flight----get in line to talk to a customer service rep----to see if it can be changed.
  • You can also call the airline directly, or even send a tweet.
  • Consider buying a one-day pass to the airline lounge. Airlines usually staff lounges with some of the best ticket agents---who may be able to find you a seat faster.
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