Safeway Gas Rewards

Membership:  FREE

Point Value:  Get 1 point for every dollar you spend towards gas at their gas stations

100 points on groceries = 10 cents/gallon ($100 gets you 10 cents per gallon discount)

Expiration:  Gas rewards earned during each month can be used through the end of the following calendar month

Redemption Limit:  Can only use up to 100 points per fill up or $1.00 per gallon

Excluded Items:  Beer, Wine, Tobacco, US Postage Stamps, Gas Purchases and Services, Lottery Tickets, Gift Certificates, Metro Passes or Tokens, Amusement Park Passes, Event Tickets, Money Orders, Safeway Club Card Savings, Safeway Store Coupons, Sales Tax and Selected Gift Cards (American Express, PayPower, MasterCard, My Choice, Safeway, Visa, Only 1 Visa, NetSpend and RE-loadit cards).  Can get points for purchases of gift cards (4 points for every $1 spent on qualifying  cards) and prescriptions (50 points for every $1 spent on new, transferred and refilled prescriptions with your Club Card)

Fuel Limit:  Discount can only be redeemed up to 30 gallon maximum

Locations For Redemption:  Safeway stores with fuel station


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