Planning vacations for kids with special needs

With many families starting to plan their summer vacations, there are unique challenges for families with special needs.  But many resorts are giving making it easier on families to relax.

The Guarneri family is planning a much needed vacation.  Sophia has autism. 

Her mom, Stacy, says vacations are tough for autistic children.  She says, "We always have to make sure that if there is a balcony that there is a latch on the door. You have to kind of pre-plan and think of your own home and make it the same for the child."

Resorts are realizing there are more families with special needs.  And there doing more to help.  Some destinations get an 'autism friendly' designation from the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities.

Some resorts offer sensitivity training to make rooms safer.  Keith Overton of Trade Winds Resorts says, " [We do] anything from implementing a safety kit in the room which has a door alarm on it to padding and corner edges for tables in the guest room to where are the quiet areas that you can take a children to?"

Other resorts offer special assistance for children with special dietary needs, including gluten-free choices.

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