The richest and poorest states in America

Did you know you're living in the state with the highest median income?

Maryland, which sits on top of the list has the highest median income of all states since 2006, and state in the country to have a median income over $70, 000 in 2011.

Alaska came in second, having a median income of $67,825. The state collected nearly $100 billion in taxes from oil and gas companies.

New Jersey took the third position, having a median income of $67, 458.

Connecticut, according to the report took the fourth spot.

Massachusetts rounds out the top 5 of America's richest states.

Among the states that fall into the poorest category:

Mississippi took the number one spot, having a median household income of $36, 919. Mississippi have the highest poverty rate in the country.

West Virginia, at number 2 has a median household income of $38, 482.

Arkansas, number three, has a median household income of $38, 758.

Kentucky, number four, median household income $41, 141.

Alabama, number five, median household income $41, 415. Despite the high poverty rate, only 14 percent of people who live in that state did not have health insurance last year.