Study finds looking at photos on Facebook can lift spirits, self-soothe

Old Facebook photos can improve mood

The benefits of using Facebook have been tested and studied, and while some research suggests the social media site can hurt your mental health, a new study shows it may do just the opposite.

A small study shows that Facebook users like to look at old photos to bring up their moods, according to the website Trusted Review.  Dr. Alice Good, who conducted the study, says she was surprised by the findings because it contradicted recent reports.  Past studies have shown Facebook to bring down people's moods and make them feel depressed.

Other experts also find the study fascinating because the site is marketed as a way to communicate.  "Yet this research shows we are more likely to connect with our past selves, perhaps when our present selves need reassuring," said Dr. Clare Wilson to Trusted Review.

Dr. Good says the research also suggests that any self-soothing treatments could improve a person's mental health, whether it's looking at old photos, meditating or talking to good friends.

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