Storm preparations for pets

What to do in the event of a storm


Whether it's a hurricane or a blizzard, any time there is severe weather, you are told to prepare.  That means canned foods, flashlights and batteries.  But what about your pets? The idea of leaving them behind or losing them in a storm is unbearable for pet lovers. 
There are things you can do, just in case.  Ailen Gabbey from the Maryland SPCA has some helpful suggestions.  We thought we would pass a few along to you...
- Have your pet records handy.  That way, if you have to stay at a hotel and prove your dog or cat is up to date on their shots, you have proof.
- Have dog or cat food that is in a can.  It is easier to carry around.
- Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with updated contact information.
- Make sure you have extra water on hand.
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