'Scary Mommy' keeping challenges of parenting real

Blogging with Scary Mommy

Baltimore - It's almost any new parent's dream, the magic of a newborn baby.

However, the quiet naps and joyful moments are often overshadowed by sleepless nights and endless crying. So who can you talk to when you're at wits end? Why not The Scary Mommy?

"Sometimes it's hard to talk to your family about problems as a mom," Jill Smokler said. "It can be frustrating, but when you go online or to a chat room, it's easier to meet other moms dealing with the same problems."

More than four years ago, Smoker launched her blog site, Scary Mommy , to hold herself more accountable as a parent.

"With my first two kids, I was horrible at keeping photos and ‘firsts,' so I figured since I was online all the time, I would just attempt to put it out there and see if I kept better track of it that way," she said.

"On my first post, I apologized," she added. "I wrote ‘Friends and family, I'm sorry I have another project you can follow along with. This probably won't last very long.' I thought maybe it would last six months."

That was then, and this is now. Today, Scary Mommy boasts more than a million monthly views, more than 33,000 "likes" on Facebook and 216,000 followers on Twitter.

"It's strange, a very funny thing to put yourself out there," she said. "I have people in North Korea, Belgium and China. It baffles me where people are reading and how easily they relate to what's being said."

And the advice, observations and discussions Smokler offers aren't about fluffy bunnies, unicorns and flowers. "I'm a frank, blunt, honest person," she said.

Instead, it's a full contact sport focusing on the real challenges of parenting, absent of any sugar-coating or kid's gloves.

"I can't relate to any parent who's never sworn at their child in their head," she said. "I'd never do it intentionally, but have I done it in my head a lot? Yeah. They can drive you crazy."

With the social media notoriety now under her belt, Smokler has moved on to books with her first offering, "Confessions of a Scary Mommy," due to hit shelves in April.

"It's original essays on a lot of the topics I discuss on my site, things like pregnancy, birth, what to do when you bring your child home."

Smokler says she'll continue maintaining Scary Mommy for the foreseeable future but knows it will eventually need to evolve. "There's a time limit on how long I can blog about my kids."

Until then, she'll continue along the road of parenthood with the friends she's made almost by accident, helping them maintain a sense of humor and a little sanity while reminding them all that they're not alone.

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